Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Thursday: Peter's Question

Peace and Good!
The traditional question asked at the Passover meal: "Why is this night different from all other nights?"
I think Peter and the other apostles might have had another question in their minds: "Do I want to follow this man?"
Jesus was constantly shattering their expectations while at the same time attracting them. He presented himself as "lord and teacher," and then proceeded to do what no lord and teacher would, the work of the lowliest of slaves. He told them how much they were loved by God, then told them they had to love even their enemies, and pray for their persecutors. He helped those in need--including a Roman centurion and a Samaritan woman. He told them to lay their burdens on his shoulders, then added that they had to take up their own crosses daily.
It must have crossed their minds: "Am I crazy to follow this man?"
And, yet, over the next few days he would give them his body and blood, both in the blessed sacrament and on the cross. He would forgive those who were nailing him to that very cross. He would even forgive a man who promised to be always by his side and then swore up and down that he didn't even know who he was.
Tonight we all face once more the same question: do I want to follow this man.
And we pray he will give us the courage to say, "Yes."
God bless you!