Friday, November 28, 2008

The End is Near!

Peace! As we come to Advent, just this thought. “The end is near” can mean different things. It can mean that the termination of things is coming, i.e., the second coming of Christ. In this regard, I think it’s safest to recall what Jesus said, “You do not know the time nor the hour.” Predicting the end of the world is tricky business, and unhelpful. Jesus will come when He decides. So we just need to listen to him, and be ready each and every day.
“The end is near” can mean something else. An “end” is also a goal. So, if we remember that Jesus is our goal (right now), then we can take comfort in the thought that the end is always near. A thought, I hope, to help Advent be a time of joy and renewed commitment for all of us.
The END is near, in our hearts and in our minds.
God bless!

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