Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ordinary Time

Peace to All! With God's help I will take up again my ministry on this blog: sharing thoughts God gives me, trusting in the Holy Spirit to work grace as he will.
We have come to Ordinary Time after all the wonder and joy of Christmas. And I realized that this time, too, should fill us with wonder and joy. For "Ordinary Time" means the time that is in order, that is, that we can count (we number these weeks). And what a marvelous mystery this reveals: firstly, the order of this wonderful creation, and the fact that we can perceive and thus participate in this order. Do we ever wonder at the fact that we can count, and use numbers to understand the universe? So "ordinary time" reveals that every day is a gift, and life a constant miracle. I believe this is one of the insights that helped St. Francis live with such joy in the midst of pain and suffering. It also helped him survive the chaos of the world. May the Lord bless and give you peace!


Iga said...

I really love this pic. No words in spite of that...

Vicky said...

The picture is shocking, thank you for sharing!
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